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Here are some of the most common questions we get, if you have more questions you can use our official Telegram group or socials to engage with our moderators and get more info.

How can people get GAProCoin?

Apply to join our private sale.

Refer people to our ICO and earn 10% on their GAProCoin purchases during Pre-Sale and 3% during Public ICO

What are the currencies accepted?

The currencies accepted are BTC and ETH

What is the Pre-Sale Schedule?

The Pre-Sale starts on July 15th at 08:00 AM (EST) - August 15th at 08:00 AM (EST)

What is the process for buying GAProCoin in the Pre-Sale?

Apply to join the Pre-Sale

Create a free account

Provide your ERC-20 compatible wallet address

Select the amount of GAProCoin that you would like to purchase

Send the BTC or ETH to the address provided

What is the hard cap for the Public ICO?

The hard cap for our Public ICO is $50,000,000 USD

Where can I store my GAProCoin?

GAProCoins are ERC-20 tokens that you can store on any ERC-20 compatible wallet. Please do not use any exchange wallet addresses.

Does the team have token lockups?

The whole team has a lock up of 18 months.

What should I do if I have more questions?

You can join our telegram group at:


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It has the potential to transform the economy and share the wealth beyond certain individuals and the corporations. Blockchain can break the monopoly of central banks across the world

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